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Why Stainless Steel is Used Widely in the Construction Industry

Why Stainless Steel is Used Widely in the Construction Industry

Why Stainless Steel is Used Widely in the Construction Industry

Stainless steel is a common construction material. That’s because it has a wide array of applications in this industry. Stainless steel is primarily used in construction due to its high resistance to extreme temperatures and corrosion. This is the major reason it is used in most construction projects. 

What exactly is Stainless Steel? 

Stainless steel is a combination of corrosion resistant alloys of steel containing around 10.5% chromium. When chromium reacts with oxygen, a chromium-rich oxide layer which is inert and thin is formed. This layer is what makes stainless steel corrosion resistant. Unlike other forms of protective coatings like galvanizing or paint, this chromium-rich oxide protects steel even when damaged by abrasion. The film re-forms after steel is damaged. 

Stainless steel is used to provide strength and support to the resulting structure. Steel is durable and ideal for building of different styles. This material is used to enhance any concrete structure. 

This material is used to build solid structures that enhance support of the entire building. Important building parts that include lintels, wind posts, and masonry are constructed with stainless steel. Steel wires, strips, and plates are used to make these fixings. 

Major Reasons to Use Stainless Steel in Construction

  • Flexible design- The flexibility of stainless steel enables its users to be creative with design. Regardless of how complex a design is, stainless steel can be used to accomplish it. 
  • Aesthetic appeal- Stainless steel is beautiful. Architects use the beauty of this material to enhance the appeal of their structures. Thus, it is used to emphasize strength, grace and transparence of a frame. No construction material allow for creativity and expression better than stainless steel. 
  • Cost-effectiveness- Stainless steel substitutes are very costly. Thus, without this construction material, it would be hard to come up with aesthetically pleasing buildings or structures that are corrosion resistant. 

If you need a material that will enable you to build a strong and aesthetically pleasing structure, choose stainless steel, but if you need to do a gut check on qualifications, check out this website here.