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Tag: Construction Trends for 2022

Construction Trends for 2022

Construction Trends for 2022

More builders increasingly embrace information technology to improve efficiency and safety and reduce building timelines and costs. Industry experts like Alamo Ac who are your top referred San Antonio air conditioning repair out in Texas, share they are confident the next generation of builders will go big on technology. Nevertheless, the following are the critical construction trends to watch in 2022. 


Robots are increasingly being integrated into construction sites to perform manual tasks such as laying bricks and fitting windows. Although robots are slower than humans in demolitions, they are much safer and cheaper than the latter. That is an excellent boost since the industry heavily relies on manual labor. Robotics will enable construction professionals to cut project timelines and improve service quality. 

Virtual and Augmented Reality 

VR is a technology that offers its users complete immersion experiences outside of the physical world. Augmented Reality brings more digital elements to the physical world via smartphones. Those two trends are already having a significant impact on the construction industry, helping architects and builders to improve building designs.

Concrete 3D Printing 

The concrete 3D printing market is growing fast, expected to reach $56.4 million in 2022. The technology enables people to create 3D prints of houses in less than 24 hours. That significantly reduces the costs of labor, materials, and project timelines. 

Prefabricated Construction 

Prefabricated building techniques go back to the 1940s when people used them to replace war-torn buildings. The trend disappeared but is quickly making a comeback as governments seek to assemble high-quality but low-cost building materials to tackle the rising global housing crisis. Private investors are also turning to prefabricated materials to build industrial complexes and other business installations. The advancements in design and construction have made it possible to manufacture various modular and prefab components off-site. That speeds up the construction process and reduces wastage. 

Apart from the four trends discussed above, Exoskeletons, Building Information Modeling, and Sustainable Designs are also increasingly gaining traction in the construction industry.

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