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Construction Tips for Protecting Workers from the Sun

Construction Tips for Protecting Workers from the Sun

Construction Tips for Protecting Workers from the Sun

When most people think about the summer months, vacationing at the beach and lounging around the pool comes to mind. Essentially, most people want to spend time outside basking in the sun during these months. However, summer means long working hours for construction workers. That’s because summer presents the best time to construct a building. Unfortunately, this increases sun poisoning, sunburn, and skin cancer risks. For this reason, construction workers need protection from the sun. Here are helpful tips for ensuring sun protection for construction workers.


Construction workers should wear clothing that protects them from the UV rays from the sun. When purchasing protective clothing for construction workers, make sure that the weave, material, and color helps in blocking UV radiation from the sub. Long-sleeved pants and shirts made of closely-knit materials and dark colors can help protect construction workers from UV rays. Clothing options with UPF labels also offer better protection.


Construction workers should also wear sunscreen to ensure their protection from the UV rays. Nevertheless, construction workers should use a broad-spectrum sunscreen to ensure their safety from UVA and UVB radiation. Ideally, construction workers should consider the Sun Protection Factor (SPF) when purchasing sunscreen. SPF 30 provides the best protection against UVB rays. Also, water-resistant sunscreen is better for construction workers.


Construction workers can also erect temporary shading to limit their sun exposure. That way, they can avoid UV radiation exposure during the day when the sun is strongest. Essentially, construction workers should have a shady area or tent that they can use during meals or breaks.

Sun exposure is a hazard at a construction job site. However, many construction workers and employers overlook it. Thus, they don’t give sun protection its deserved attention. Follow these practical tips to ensure adequate sun protection for construction workers.